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A note to the Membership of Unit 284 Steveston


As most of you are aware the situation the Unit is in and has been in over the last five years.  The current Executive have been on the job for only the last 18 weeks and is not about to fix what has taken place over the last eight or nine years, let along the last five years in this new building.

One of the problems I see is like many other clubs like our own, have made being a member with the ability to become active or involved a long process.  Voting, Associates, and Affiliate members are required to put in four or five years to become eligible to run for office.  We need to change our By Laws to make it more accessible and inclusive for all members in good standing.  The rules would still require some tweaking.

  1. The President and the 1st Vice would require at least one year in an Executive position for experience.
  2. The Finance chair would need someone with accounting experience.
  3. The Executive members at large would require one year of attendance and five documented recorded at General Meetings.

I am not confident that these suggestions will be acceptable, but if there is any hope for survival the Unit needs to try and encourage some of out 1000 members to become active in support of ANAF 284


President of Unit 284

Ian R. Parker





#1 As a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans Club (ANAF) you are required to adhere to the rules of the club. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the 'House Rules' posted by the main entrance of the club.

#2 As a member of the ANAF, you may sign in guests when they are visiting the club. Guests and members must sign the register (guest book) as it is a requirement of our liquor licence.

#3 As a member of the ANAF, you are able to make advance bookings/reservations with the manager for private functions/parties. All guests joining your function are required to sign the guest book and must be accompanied by a member's signature.

#4 As a member of the ANAF you will be issued a door fob for the main enterance at no extra charge. A fob with access to the gated, private parking lot is available for a one time payment of $40.00. Only one fob will be issued to each member when given their membership card. Please keep in mind that all fobs remain the property of the Unit, #284 Steveston.

#5 The executive reserves the right to change parking fees and membership dues at their discretion!

* YEARLY MEMBERSHIP FEE - $40.00 FAMILY PLAN (HUSBAND/WIFE) - $75.00 ($40 & $35)*

Please Complete the application form and bring it in to the Unit with either a cheque or cash. You will be given a receipt and a fob for the main door. Please review items 4 and 5 above. Your membership card will be ready for pick up in approximately 10 days, please see the bartender in the Unit.


 There are 3 categories of membership. Please select the


appropriate type based on your service history:


1. Active


  A candidate for active membership, to qualify, must be of good character, and must:



2.8.1    Hold or be entitled to receive a medal for Active Service overseas in Her Majesty’s Forces, the Merchant Navy, or the Canadian Corp of Firefighters, or:


2.8.2    Have volunteered for general service in some branch of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and have been honourably discharged or released there from, or:


2.8.3    Hold of be entitled to receive a medal for Active Service with any forces allied to Her Majesty’s Forces, or:


2.8.4    Have at least one (1) year service with the Canadian Armed Forces or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or be in possession of an honourable discharge or release there from, or:


2.8.5    Upon production of a certificate that basic training has been completed and have had no less than one (1) year’s service in the Reserve Forces or other Auxiliary Forces of the British Commonwealth of Nations, or any Forces formerly allied to Her Majesty’s Forces,


2.8.6    Any members of the Army, Navy or Air Force Cadets who have completed three (3) years of consecutive service immediately prior to reaching the age of majority be granted active membership in the Association.


2.8.7    Have had a minimum of one (1) year’s service in the Armed Forces of any country, which is a member of NATO and upon proof of such service.


2.8.8    Have had a minimum of two (2) years of service as a police officer, peace officer, firefighter or correctional officer and upon proof of such service.


2.8.9    Have a minimum of two (2) years of service in one of the following organizations.


i)          Customs and Immigration Personnel


ii)         Canada Coast Guard


iii)        Department of Fisheries Personnel


iv)        Department of Lands and Forest Personnel


v)         Emergency Medical Technicians


vi)        Canadian Corps of Commissionaires



2. Affiliate


Affiliate Members are granted the same rights and privileges as Active members.  Any Associate member who renews his/her membership in the second(2nd)year of consecutive membership in a Unit, may be granted Affiliate status with the same rights and privileges as an Active member subject to approval of the general membership and Provincial Command. The application must be signed by 2 Active members or 1 Active and 1 Affiliate and presented to the Executive for approval and review.  After one (1) full calendar year as an Affiliate member, they are eligible to serve on the Unit executive.


3. Associate

The new member application shall be sponsored by two(2)members in good standing.

 This member, immediately upon being Initiated,  is eligible to attend unit meetings with the right to vote and serve on committees. This member may not serve on the unit executive or attend conventions as a delegate.







*** Membership runs from January 1st to December 31 each year.

To retain a current membership card, your dues should be paid before January 31st each year. ***










Do you want to be a part of the

ANAF 284 Executive committee?

Here’s what you do ….

1.Be an Active or qualified Affiliate member to be eligible for nominations as an Executive Officer. Be an Active member or an Affiliate member for at least one (1) full calendar year prior election of officers.

2.Be in good standing on the day of expiration of nominations

3.Attend the General Meetings and sign the attendance book for at least 50% of the General Meetings called within the twelve (12) months (calendar year) prior to the Annual General Meeting

4.Don’t be in a rush! If you want to be President or Vice-President one day - you must be a member in good standing in this Unit, and in addition must have served at least one (1) full term, or from the close of one (1) general election to the opening of nominations for the following year, as an elected officer.

Unit By-laws Section 13 (5) Before any member of this Unit can become a candidate for President or Vice-President, he must be a member in good standing in this Unit, and in addition must have served at least one (1) full term, or from the close of one (1) general election to the opening of nominations for the following year, as an elected officer.

5. No person can be nominated for more than one (1) office at a time.

Special consideration: Members required to be absent from regular Executive or General Meetings on Unit affairs or Association business, or under extenuating circumstances with a follow-up letter, may have their name entered into the attendance book.